DeAna Psychic

DeAna Psychic

DeAna psychic was born in South London coming from a mixed background of English, Irish and Asian stock. Whilst growing up DeAna, from a very young age displayed strong psychic ability much to her familys surprise.

Unbeknown to most around her, DeAna had developed acute and varied psychic abilities naturally from a tender age. DeAna works with psychic energy, she also visualises faces, names, dates and places using vibrations (or energy) these vibrations can come from a person’s voice, clothing or even Jewellery. She is versed in Psychometry, and on occasion where appropriate is able to employ Remote Viewing Techniques to good effect.

She does not claim to be a ‘Medium’ as she does not guarantee a loved one who has passed will communicate during a reading. It does happen frequently however, but it is they who choose this – she cannot force this communication as just like you have the choice to pick up the phone if it rings, so do they! DeAna Psychic is both honest and kind when she is using her psychic ability.

As her psychic talent emerged so too did DeAna’s reputation as a Psychic and Clairvoyant. Within the spiritual community DeAna psychic participated in many high profile events, fairs and meetings- reading for many thousands of people over time, including many celebrities.

DeAna psychic

began to use her ability for private consultations in 1985 as she prefers the one to one consultations by phone or email where people can be more relaxed and DeAna has been in popular public demand ever since. Using psychic ability to foretell future events, reveal unforeseen conclusions to mysterious phenomena and disturbances, helped to locate missing persons, prevent potentially serious events, and psychically read for the celebrities, public and world leaders of over 3 generations.

However DeAna psychic is most proud of her work with people on a one-to-one basis; knowing that she has helped an empowered peoples and given them the ability to change their lives with her psychic insights.

DeAna is, undeniably an accomplished, world renowned psychic and she is grateful of this status. However she is also a devoted mother, healer, councillor and carer, she conducts her life in a humble, spiritual nature and always acts with the up most integrity. DeAna has an abundance of personal and professional successes. She is also the resident Psychic consultant and paranormal expert at Self Growth.

Professionally DeAna‘s impressive resume includes the foundation of a spiritual online community*, the emotional healing of over 10,000+ clients with a high call back rate, many clients stay in touch for years and many positive articles in the British national press**, winning performances on live TV and radio***, success on highly scrutinized psychic challenge shows**** and the openly public endorsement of many international figures*****.

**News of the world, The Sun, Cosmopolitan Magazine
***Big Breakfast, Chris Moyles show, Zoe Ball on XFM
****8 times winner of Mystic Challenge
*****Germain Greer, Henry Cooper, Liz Mclaran, Stephanie Beecham, Atomic Kitten.