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UK Psychic Study By The Military

UK Psychic Study

Britain’s MoD admitted exploring psychic ability, MoD defends UK psychic study.
A report declassified in Feb 2007 under the UK’s Freedom of Information Act reveals that Britain’s Ministry of Defence has been running a UK Psychic test. The series of tests took place in a secret location and without any press coverage.

British media reported that in 2002, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) attempted to get 12 professional psychics to prove their powers in the UK Psychic testing, apparently ...

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Truth Will Out

Truth and Honesty

I’m often asked what I perceive the biggest problem that people are battling with today to be, when they call a psychic for a reading. Most people think I’ll say love & relationships, some guess it’s money or career at this time of economic difficulty but in most cases it not as complex or as difficult to solve as that. Most people’s problems are caused by other people not telling the the truth!

Many problems that cause people a ...

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