Choosing a Genuine Clairvoyant

Tips on Choosing a Genuine Clairvoyant

I would like to start by saying: * If you go to a plumber, dentist or lawyer, you have to accept that there are good ones, and not so good ones. Every profession has genuinely caring, good and highly skilled people working within it. However a small number of bad apples can spoil it for those people who are excellent at what they do. So take some time and only deal with a reputable person or company.

  • Please be careful when you are choosing a clairvoyant. There are many out there who are not:
  • Genuine Clairvoyants or psychics
  • Many come and set up business with large, all singing, all dancing adverts etc then disappear out of sight very quickly indeed. They will simply recreate themselves as someone else, to avoid the many complaints that are following them around. psychic-hotlines
  • Many will quote you a price for a reading, then you will find once you receive your bank statement they will have charged you double. If you complain they will:
  • Insist the extra is for VAT and claim you were warned, when clearly you and they know you were not,. they become verbally abusive to you and then refuse to talk further regarding your financial enquiry.
  • Be careful of any one’s service that seems very cheap. The chances are you will not get a good reading or a genuine clairvoyant or psychic.
  • Whilst every endeavour is made to keep prices low, a genuine clairvoyant still needs to eat and pay bills and bank charges too.

Quick Tips For Finding A Genuine Clairvoyant Or Psychic

  • Do not be taken in by ads saying affiliated to this or that association. Many of these associations are made up. If they have not registered their particular association with Companies House, they are not real and do not exist.
  • Have they publicly and willingly proven their psychic ability or that they are a genuine clairvoyant to the public and media alike? This is not always the case as a genuine clairvoyant may be quite shy, but if they have proven themselves, it’s a good indicator that they are a genuine clairvoyant and or psychic.
  • Do they seem stable to you?
  • Do they use their own name? If not, why not?
  • How long have they been in business? If it’s over two years it may be a good indicator of a quality service.

Please be careful whom you choose to seek guidance from and place your trust in.