Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

You can also choose an animal symbol to be your lucky charm or ‘Sprit guide’. These animals may be used as Talismans but, if they appear in your dreams, they may have a message for you! Dream interpretation maybe a useful aid.

THE BEAR- A ferocious animal, it comes to give you strength to remind you that you need to feel comfortable in you den and asks you to contemplate your true feelings about every area of your life.

THE WOLF- A wolf has a strong sense of pack identity and will defend its own to the death! Are family issues a worry at this time? Or should they be? It suggests close relationships and the ability to adapt and grow.

THE BUFFALO- The Buffalo was important to the pre-reservation people. Used as a totem animal, it represented sacredness and abundance. As well as telling you to watch your finances, it asks you not to forget your spiritual development.

THE EAGLE- Victory and goodness comes to you on the wings of this bird. Freedom is yours, if you accentuate the positive and minimise the negative. Maintain your high ideals.

THE OWL- recognised as bringing wisdom, but is seen (it’s less well known in the west) as a symbol of nocturnal activity-SEX! Are you concerned about this aspect of your relationship? How do you perceive it to be?

THE RAVEN- The Raven brings you important news that has been up to now hidden in the shadows. He reminds us that sometimes emotions have logic of their own and you must also use your head before making important decisions.

THE SNAKE- Snakes foretell creativity and that change is needed.

Like the struggles of the snake as it writhes and turns to shed its skin, transformation is never easy, but is always necessary,

THE FROG- Rebirth, a cleansing of some kind is needed. The frog brings healing to the body and prosperity to business. Not to forget, a touch of magic, to your life.

THE WHALE- The Kwakiutls, were a killer whale tribe. They were the singers of the great song of life.

Listen to the great song of the Whale and learn how to avoid the storms of change and rocks of disaster.

THE SPIDER- They are powerfully predatory and were thought to have taught man the alphabet so man could express himself more freely.

Do you need to express not repress something? Or is there an important letter you have been putting off writing.

THE DOLPHIN- once they were thought to have walked on land, but returned to the sea, unable to bear man’s greed and corruption. Are you in tune with yourself? Or the world? These messengers are also thought to bring news of a birth as they represent ’The sacred breath’.

What animal will invade your dreams tonight?

Dream interpretation makes for a fascinating glimpse into our psyche.