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Psychic Email Reading

In depth, personal and authentic psychic email reading to you from anywhere in the world!

We know that it is not always possible or preferable to obtain a reading in person or by phone, particularly if you reside outside the UK. We don’t want you to miss out on our help and guidance so we have developed our in depth email reading service.

Our email reading are confidential, personally prepared, authentic, very detailed and rivalled by none!
It is easy to order: just click the add to cart Paypal button. It will take you to a form which you will need to fill out. This is where you enter your credit card details and your three questions.
The charge for this full in depth service is just £30
Your payment will be securely processed by PayPal. We will then answer your three most pressing questions, send you an in-depth email reading which will also cover other areas of your life and future. You will be amazed at the accuracy and quality of your

Email reading

Hope to hear from you soon. Before you contact us please read our White Listing Information so that your spam filter doesn’t block our e-mails!  Thank you!
De’Ana Psychic

Simply click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button to be taken right to Paypal secure payment area. CLICK PROCEED there you will see a small blue cross (AT ADDITIONAL DETAILS OPTION), click it, and it will PROVIDE A SMALL DROP DOWN BOX, which allows you to send us the additional details that we need eg:

Your Full Name
Your Date of Birth
The Three most important questions that you would like to have covered in your reading

Please provide ALL the info above so your eMail Reading can be provided.

Your payment will be to and displayed as: ‘Galaxy Visions’  for your complete privacy.

Click below to purchase, ensure you press the last Paypal Button marked ‘return to merchant’ If you do not we do NOT get notification of your order or any details sent to us!

Add your 3 Q’s & DOB below

If you don’t get the chance to add you questions- don’t panic

Simply open a ticket on our Helpdesk
Paste your Paypal payment info, your full name, email used to purchase, D.O.B and your  three questions and
we will be able to complete your psychic email reading

Add Our Domain ‘ and’ and ‘webmaster(at)’ to your ‘ALLOWED SENDERS LIST ‘(White List Us) Your ISP May accidentally block our email response to you- If you do not receive your reading in 48 hrs, check your spam/junk folder, just in case it has fallen into it. We are finding that Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail email addresses are BLOCKING automated emails, thanks to their new spam software that doesn’t work to well and sometimes blocks emails that you want as well as spam. Try to AVOID using Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail (any free email accounts) email addresses because you may not get the our email. If you do not receive the psychic email reading submit your help request, after checking your spam/junk folder, and you ensuring you have whitelisted us- Submit a Ticket only after you ensure that you have followed our Guidelines as above. Provide all relevant order details, name email you ordered date your and questions to:

Our Help Desk