Media Psychic Frenzy

Media Psychic

DeAna is available from time to time for TV/Radio/Features and Articles.

Can you become addicted to psychics, chocolate, alcohol, drugs or food? Yes, you can!

If you do become addicted, can you blame the purveyors of such goods? Or do you shoulder some of the blame personally? Please respond to the press and the media psychic frenzy that follows any complaint about a bad psychic on this issue.

How many sweet shop owners, pub landlords or drug pushers would consider your welfare and finances and for your own good, restrict your access to their products? Not many!

Well, we do, can and will, as many of you have found! What sets us apart from other services?

As many of you have found, unlike many others if you call us you will only be helped by genuine clairvoyants. Simple as that!

We have a natural ability and have proven our ability many times e.g.; Tested by the media, performed on platforms for the public and the hardest test of all, we have been scanned prodded and put through our paces by YOU!

As well as being top psychics in our field, have you ever wondered what else we have to offer?

Here is a list of some of the added bonus qualifications we have:

  • Cooperate stress management
  • Counselling skills (All areas)
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Alcohol and drug abuse counselling
  • Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Herbalist
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Life coaching

But are we perfect or all knowing? No.

Do you think that if someone is psychic that that’s where it stops? Most psychics, are highly qualified in different fields; social workers, counsellors and therapists. I cannot speak for other psychic companies, but this is the case for us.

We are a small group of psychics, who are also highly qualified in many other areas, with a burning desire to help other’s using all our abilities, experience and tools.

In response the the media psychic frenzy: WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

We have rules to protect you from yourself; We allow the maximum of two readings in one month initially. We are good at helping people therefore after an initial reading people require our service less frequently.

  • Some, once per month
  • Every three month
  • Six months
  • Or only once per year.

If we only hear from you once a year we are extremely pleased as this indicates you are happier and more in control of your life!

In response to the psychic media frenzy: If we find that anyone is abusing our premium lines we:

  • Talk to them privately off line about this, and they are not charged for this call or time.
  • If a client will not listen and alter the frequency of the times they are calling, we do it for them!

Our system was set up so that we can block people calling, either on a temporary basis or permanently. We do this not to be mean but to help you stop if you may be becoming addicted and to save you money!

What we cannot do is stop the determined person from….simply calling another service. We do everything humanly possible to help you in every way but, in the end…you must also help yourself!