Soul Mates

Love and Soul Mates

Having a successful loving relationship in your life is difficult to manage at the best of times!

Communication and being sensitive to your partners needs and wishes is a must, as is love and mutual respect. It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what your partner is thinking or is feeling, this can lead to crossed wires and misunderstandings.

You can ask for advice from friends and family, but they may be too close to the situation to be objective. Their advice may not be neutral or helpful and may be clouded by there own agenda. They may fail to tell you the honest truth as they fear hurting you. Sometimes the truth is starring us in the face and the smartest thing we could do would be to realise it’s time to move on. it is also true that, sometimes we have to ride the rough patches, hang on in there and fight for what is right.

We may mistakenly confuse our partner being emotionally withdrawn because they are having difficulties, say at work, and wrongly come to the conclusion that they are having an affair. We may also suspect an affair and be absolutely right and unsure as to how to deal with it.

Is it sometimes difficult to know what to do?

All our Clairvoyants as well as having their own unique psychic abilities, that they can employ to aid you in your confusion will be sensitive toward the situation. Many, as well as being genuine psychics are also highly qualified and specialised counsellors in the relationship field.

Soul Mates

A lot of trouble is caused by people not understanding this term.

It is my understanding that people feel that if it doesn’t work out with someone that they considered to be their Soul-Mate, that’s it, zilch, zero, nothing!

This is so untrue. We have the chance in our lives of meeting ‘ many possible Soul Mates‘. Love will never be denied to you, perhaps however it is sometimes delayed…Rest assured, you will get another chance.

Avoiding the Pitfalls


If you ever intend to befriend someone, fall in love or are born in to a family, at some point you and they are going to make mistakes. At some point you will get hurt, this cannot be avoided I’m afraid! You can however, choose to be careful and keep these incidences to a minimum by taking heed of the following advice.

  • Never knowingly get involved with any one with dependency problems, e.g. drink, drugs or gambling.
  • Never get involved with any one known to be violent.
  • Don’t become your loves counsellor
  • If someone tells you that ‘ they only want to be friends’ take them at there word. Do not pursue them!
  • Any one who is married/ lives with or pursues an old flame, whatever they tell you to the contrary’ IS NOT FREE TO HAVE A COMMITTED ONE TO ONE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU’
  • If you get involved with a married man, the chances are virtually 100% that you will get hurt. MARRIED MEN VIRTUALLY NEVER LEAVE.
  • Never call/e-mail/text your ex whilst you are ‘ TIPSY’ or unhappy, you will always regret this action after.
  • Keep love and money as separate as possible.

What is love , the right ingredients;

  • Caring about the happiness and well being of someone as well as and ,as much as, yourself.
  • Honesty, Truth, Openness and Gentleness
  • Laughing together, Being there for each other
  • Care, Compromise and Compassion
  • A loving exchange of giving and receiving

Remember; there is no such thing as the perfect partner, there is however out there, the perfect partner for you.

Virtually everyone over the age of 15, will have baggage and hang ups in this area. If however someone appears to you to have a dirty great heavy sack load, they are probably not ready as yet to have a relationship with you or anyone else!

When it is NOT Love

If there is abuse in any form, physical, emotional, mentally or spiritually

  • if all the loving, compromise and giving is one way only
  • lies, dictates,constant struggle, control and bullying
  • fear , misery, a mere convenience and unhappiness
  • if you are forced to loose your ability to be true to yourself and feel like the real you has been lost….

That is not love or healthy! Please go to our links page and get yourself any help you need if you experience any of the above. We are also here of course, to help you in any way we can.