What is a Psychic?

What is a Psychic?

Will the psychic reader ask me questions?
I don’t think a GENUINE reader should ask me ANY questions at all, do you!?psychic-deana-dmonte

Difficult one to respond to;
When I do a reading, as I get facts through such as, ‘ I feel that you are in the middle of a divorce’ for example. I will ask the client to confirm that I am right. I also will need to check if this event is happening now, or has happened a month ago so as to work out where the fact I have tuned in to you is on your time line. (timing can be a tricky thing to gage in clairvoyance, we would like to be able to have you confirm a fact and it’s timing so we can give you information on timing of events that is as accurate as possible) This helps a Clairvoyant to know that they have tuned in correctly to the person having the reading. What is a psychic? One thing they are not is a mind reader – so they may need to confirm a time line with you.

A consultation, or reading, is a two way street and there needs to be an exchange of energy between the Clairvoyant and client. For example, if you went to the Doctor and told him you were not well, the Doctor would ask you to explain the symptoms. You wouldn’t say to the Doctor “You tell me , you are the Doctor,” would you? Again, it comes down to ‘what is a psychic, in your eyes. Similarly, a clairvoyant will ask you to confirm what they are picking up and ask you questions simply to confirm they have tuned in correctly to “YOU”. You will not gain any benefit if you say absolutely nothing. It will also help to ‘ speed your reading along’ to get to the ‘nitty-gritty’ for you. If for example, you really want to know expressly about ‘ your love life’ and you don’t inform the the reader of this. They may tune in to carer, health, finances etc. before hitting on your love life area. Before you know it, half your reading will have passed and you wont have got to the specific point you called about.

Of course, if you are not concerned about a particular issue but require a general reading covering all areas; tell the clairvoyant this and the only questions that they will ask will to be to confirm the facts that they are giving you are indeed correct.

How much should I pay for a reading?
There are several clairvoyants advertising really low prices – some even offer free readings. How do I know which will give me the best and most accurate reading as well as value for money?
First of all, there is no such thing as a “free reading”! No clairvoyant is going to sit around all day reading for nothing even if we wanted too, we also have bills to pay and family’s to feed. These offers are usually a ploy to get you to have a credit card reading. Secondly, those offering cheap readings may employ folk who are not genuine Clairvoyants, who will to work for less. What is a psychic worth to you?

A true professional clairvoyant needs to be paid what they are worth. We at DeAna pay our Clairvoyants more than most as we are only prepared to have the highest quality Clairvoyants work with us. Many companies employ readers who read from cue cards or scripts who are prepared to work for pin money. These companies can afford to advertise cheap readings.

As with many things in life ‘You get what you pay for’ to a degree.Having said that, We endeavour to keep our costs to you as low as possible. We have worked hard to try to do this. We have not increased the price of a reading to you in three years as a result of hard work to cut costs in other areas. We are not the cheapest but nor are we anywhere near the most costly. This is because, we need to pay our bills yes, but genuinely work as Clairvoyants because we want to help people. We like to think we are in ‘Service’ not in a job.

How do I know you and your readers are genuine?
We thoroughly test and vet our readers before allowing them to join our team. For the most part, our readers are sought after and hand picked by DeAna. We have a “mystery would be client” who regularly checks them for quality and accuracy. We aim and even offer as part of our quality control, to have you do this for us. DeAna’s reputation depends on the quality of her own readings as well as the Clairvoyants who work with her, Should you be in any doubt that our Clairvoyant abilities are genuine , read above and call us for a reading that will “speak for it’s self”.To give you an example of our exacting standards; LAST YEAR 100 CLAIRVOYANTS APPROACHED DeAna, wanting work. They were interviewed and tested and only two joined our team! When you also realise that Clairvoyants are thin on the ground anyway, as a percentage of the population, you can see how stringent we are about who we will allow to join our team!

If I pay by credit card, how will this appear on my statement and protect my privacy?
On your statement you will see “Galaxy Visions Ltd” not DeAna Clairvoyant. We have implemented this to protect your privacy. As if any one apart from yourself, happens to view your statement, they will have no clue as to what galaxy visions is. There may be, two entries, one for a 20 minute reading and then a second entry for any additional minutes if that is the service that you chose. We are extremely careful to prevent fraudulent use of cards and therefore ask additional security questions, the answers to which will only be known by the genuine card holder. We do not keep records of credit card numbers on our files – these are destroyed for security reasons.Your confidentiality is assured with us.We also Never pass on your details to any other companies.

How do your readers do their readings?
Every reader is different, but each has a unique ability to tune in to their clients. For the most part we are all natural adepts who simply use your voice to help us tune in and then work with our own Spirit guides.There are several methods of divination, i.e. crystal ball, runes, tarot. DeAna herself will sometimes ask you to describe your hair colour and style to help her tune in with you. Another Clairvoyant may ask you to tell them for example, what you had for breakfast or ask you to recite a nursery rhyme to enable them to tune in to your voice vibration, we are all different. Whichever methods our readers use, you can be assured that each is skilled in their craft and will provide you with a quality accurate reading. Please don’t prejudge a Clairvoyant because of his or her preferred method of how they ‘tune in’.We guarantee we do not use any poorly paid souls who read from books or scripts! Only genuine quality ‘ top notch proven Clairvoyants’.

What is a psychic?

What is the difference between a Medium, a Psychic, and a Clairvoyant. Are they all the same?
A Clairvoyant is someone who has “clear vision” or is clairsentient, or claiaudient. (they hear a direct voice from there own trusted guide) They have the ability to sense, feel and see events, past and coming up in the future). A Medium is someone who has the ability to make contact with the departed. A Clairvoyant can also be a Medium and a Medium can also be a Clairvoyant! A Psychic is just a general term for any of us with this extra sensory ability or perception.(ESP)

Are your Consultations accurate?
Firstly, we have no Clairvoyants who are vague or talk “gobble-de-gook and nonsense”! We will never lie to you or tell you what we think you want to hear. All of our Clairvoyant ‘ shoot straight from the hip’ and are clear and precise. We are trained professionals, vastly experienced and, as such, can get to the nitty gritty” very quickly and accurately. We do, however, firmly believe that a client’s destiny lies in their own hands. You all have free will and can choose to ignore any advice given to us by anyone. Our Clairvoyants can only advise on what is likely to happen if you continue on your present course unchanged – and provide psychic guidance. Please remember that a Clairvoyant cannot make your decision for you (but can advise what can happen based on which decision you make). For example, if a Clairvoyant advises that you, say “turn left” and you turn right, you change your destiny.Your free will is never compromised as a result of a reading. Clients that have had readings with us previously will frequently make the following comments;

  1. You were absolutely right, it did happen.
  2. Thank you, you stopped me making a big mistake.
  3. It happened exactly how you said it would.
  4. I don’t know how you knew that, but you were 100% right!

How often should I have a reading?
That is a matter of personal choice. A Clairvoyant reading in itself is partly made up of a form of “psychic counselling” and can help you through a difficult period, giving you accurate information as well as providing support. However, our Clairvoyants are trained not to allow a client to become co-dependent and we will discourage you from telephoning if we feel this is happening. If appropriate, we offer you counselling & advice free of charge, off line, if we feel your situation warrants it. Some clients have a weekly reading for a time, some only require a yearly one. Many people chose to increase the frequency if they are going through something major.