It began from a piece of writing of a Japanese mag.

The article said that Japanese Sumo wrestlers devoted a criminal offense of unlawful baseball playing furnished with the aid of Japanese prepared crime institution. Some of them are excessive-rank wrestlers; including Oozeki (2nd Highest Rank), and Stable Masters, who are in a leading position of young wrestlers. There had been Sumo wrestlers gamble problem within the beyond. This time, however, turned into exclusive since it became concerning predominant Sumo Masters and Wrestlers. The order recovery committee suspended activities of the chairman of Sumo Association and replaced the chairman. Japanese humans don’t forget this as the most important catastrophe of Sumo records. Visit :- เว็บบอล ดีที่สุด

Nagoya season began on July eleven thru July 25 as scheduled. There changed into even opinion that Nagoya season need to not have held. Japanese National Broadcasting did not convey live broadcasting as they normally do. The chairman of Sumo Association regarded to express regret on the first day. Number of sightseers reduced by means of 10%. About 8000 human beings cancelled their tickets. Emperor’s office decided now not to present the biggest award for the champion, Emperor’s Trophy to the champion of the season.

For folks that are not familiar with this Sumo wrestling game, Sumo is Japanese conventional wrestling fashion. 2 muscular guys combat to push the enemy out of field or reason him to fall at the ground.

Many foreign human beings love Japanese Sumo I know. For these out of Japan Sumo fans, the scenario appeared hopeless. They should have concerned approximately what might take place with the Sumo. It turned into pretty fortunate for entire Sumo network that they’d this Yokozuna (Grand Champion, maximum-rank wrestler). His name is Haku-Ho. During this confusion of illegal baseball playing of Sumo Association, Yokozuna, Haku-Ho persisted to fight quietly and kept prevailing. His report for consecutive triumphing before Nagoya season became – No.4 in the records after No.1 Futaba-Yama, sixty nine, No.2 Chiyo-no-Fuji fifty two, No.Three Tai-Ho 45. In this Nagoya season, Haku-Ho persisted to win and recorded 47 non-stop. He have become No.Three report holder overcoming his very own trainer, Tai-Ho. Haku-Ho become the winner of Nagoya season, but he could not get a few rewards centered on Emperor’s Trophy, due to this illegal gamble scandal. He looked a bit bit sad no matter his personal first rate document of consecutive win and championship. He did no longer touch upon the scandal while an interviewer asked.

Time has exceeded. Sumo Autumn Season commenced on September 12. There have been nevertheless some folks who were speakme about the scandal. The affiliation decided to fire one Ohzeki (second Rank next to Yokozuna, 1st Rank). Some others disappeared forever. The harm from the scandal become obvious. The human beings’s center of interest, but, had already shifted from the scandal to the consecutive win document through Haku-Ho. People mentioned what number of wins Haku-Ho can gain, if he should win Autumn Season without dropping. Haku-Ho appeared like Blue Wild Wolf, from Mongolian Prairie, who does now not bark, who does now not growl, however just attack and fight. He turned into quiet. When a reporter requested approximately his stress, he just said that he fights doing his exceptional.

7th day of the season, he won the match and became legit No.2 of the historical report. He endured to win and completed the whole season without dropping once again. His persevering with win after this season became sixty two, next to No.1 record of 69. Seniors and previous Sumo wrestlers are announcing that they cannot consider all and sundry who can win Haku-Ho.

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