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About DeAna’s Psychic Reading Service.
Welcome to our psychic reading and information Web Site on, you will find all you need to know about: # Psychics # Psychic Readings # Psychic Advice# Psychic Ability. UK Psychic, DeAna has over 20 years of experience as a top international psychic consultant. She is highly sought after and trusted by many top celebrities and regular clients as she offers a psychic reading that is a personalised and rare, accurate psychic service. She has submitted to live tests on national TV & in the national press, to prove her credibility and authenticity many, many times. DeAna believes that truth is essential and does not deliver a fairytale to her clients, preferring to provide the facts and trust worthy information, enabling her clients to get the best outcome from any given situation. She has many satisfied regular clients, spanning the globe. You may choose between a phone, email or quick text psychic reading with UK Psychic DeAna, from anywhere in the world. She has trained in additional disciplines that enable her to assist her clients fully, in more and varied ways than you may imagine. She is highly educated and accomplished in many psychic arts, including clairvoyance, psychometry and accurate prediction. She is a natural psychic and has no need to use the Tarot or any other similar tools to provide you with a highly accurate, inspired and detailed psychic consultation.

DeAna will work with you to navigate through any difficulties that you may be facing and assist you to steer your current life path in the direction that you wish instead. She provides accurate and honest information which will empower you to get the best out of life and to get you one step closer to the opportunity and the life that you desire. As a recognized expert and author in her field, she is routinely consulted on paranormal subjects, by the media and program makers however, she prefers to dedicate the bulk of her time in service to those who require genuine, personal help and clarity. She is a recognized expert at providing psychic help and advice in areas as diverse as love & relationships, money, family, business and career. She can focus on any single area of your life or on your life as a whole. Without exception she works with clients to bring about miracles in their circumstances and provides special incite into events that do, or may affect them now or in the future. She recognizes that clarity is off utmost importance to those who consult her. Her readings are invaluable and she delivers psychic incite in a confidential, caring, down to earth and non judgemental manner, no matter what the circumstances she delivers answers, compassion and understanding. Astoundingly accurate, adept and compassionate, her incite will make all the difference to you and inspire you, your confidence, your relationships, your prosperity and your growth. DeAna’s authentic and sincere services are rivaled by none! A psychic reading with DeAna- may be the life changing experience that you seek!

Psychic is a term relating to or denoting abilities or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable or as yet unmeasured by science, since they seem to transcend the confines of the accepted. People who are thought to have these abilities or to be able to produce this phenomenon are described as displaying ‘psychic phenomena’ or described as exhibiting a ‘sixth sense’. The term comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning ‘from the soul’, which is in turn derived from the archaic Greek word psyche (soul/mind).

DeAna knows what the future holds for you. If you would like to know your destiny right now:  
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The facts she picked up on were quite incredible!Germaine Greer Author/Celebrity

What a pleasant surprise, thank you! After hearing you on the radio I decide to seek you out. I have had readings before and have not always been that impressed. Your reading was Accurate, Honest, And straight from the hip. I was startled by your accuracy. Thank you. I will call again soon.Gina, Isle Of Sky

I was a sceptic before. DeAna freaked me out!Nicola Duffet, Actress

Thank you. Just knowing you are there if ever I need you to help and guide me means an awful lot.Susan Hampshire

I would like to verify that I have had several readings with DeAna through the telephone service she offers. Although the first reading was over six months ago, since then I have contacted her on three further occasions for the same purpose. As I have always found her readings to be very accurate and very clear every time I returned for guidance. I find DeAna to be accurate and extremely gifted in giving me great insight into my life and the problems that I have had to face. I recommend her without reservation and have no objection to having my views made public.I also have several friends who having used the service that DeAna offers are not only delighted with what she offers, but also will be returning to her, as I myself shall, in the future.Elizabeth C

DeAna was really Cool, having the reading was a fantastic experience!Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten)

DeAna is spot on!Harriet Scott, Tv Presenter

That was really weird! I feel a bit freaked out now.Nicola Duffet Eastender Actress

I pride myself on being a big enough man to realise when I have made a mistake. What you said was accurate. So, I am sorry and can I please have a consultation with you soon? Yours eating humble pie.Giles, London

Unbelievable, without being told (all she was given was my bracelet to hold, I was hidden), she knew my name!Stephanie Beecham, Actress

I am so glad I found you again! I moved home a year ago and misplaced your number. I have tried other psychics for readings and I have not found them to be as accurate or kind as you. it felt like my birthday when I found your number again. Thank you again for all the help. Surinder, Essex

I can't believe she knew my secret life long secret ambition!Cheryl Baker, (Bucksfizz)Singer

You did make me laugh, I'm a psychic myself and you picked that up right away...Yes even psychics could use a reading themselves some times. I was very pleased with the quality and accuracy of your reading Deana, thank you.Rhiannon

I have used many Psychic services in my time,but I have never felt so cared for and helped as when I phoned and used your service. I am now recommending DeAna English psychic to all my friends as a thank you for all your helpTammara, USA

Dear DeAna, Thank you for all your kindness and encouragement. Sending you wishes for your continued good health, happiness and wonderful success.Lizzie

No one knew that about my brother- I'm gob smackedChris Moyles Of BBC Radio

I use DeAna....She's very good!Margi Clarke, Actress

She is very, very good and so accurate!Lady Bounivita Buck

I don't know how she knew all that, I am very impressed!Henry Cooper, British boxing champ R.I.P.

I'm a bit of a sceptic but...I can't believe it! DeAna's reading was very accurate.Shauna Lowry, Actress/Presenter

I was completely cynical at first but DeAna was so accurate, it was actually quite shocking, in a good way. DeAna was spot on!Danielle Henry, Actress

Wow! Just wow, what you just said has helped me so muchJodie, Actress/Model

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About DeAna
She has been at the top of her profession for over seventeen years, using psychic, clairvoyance and psychometry to gain insight into peoples’ lives, with a great many of her clients returning for many more readings regularly,year after year. DeAna’s accuracy speaks for itself. DeAna has worked with News of the World national newspaper and has appeared in many features in the press national magazines and on radio, including BBC Radio1. She has had her own celebrity readings page and a psychic agony aunt column in a well know women’s magazine. She was a regular on Sky TV channel Living programme Mystic Challenge. DeAna won Mystic Challenge 8 times! DeAna has also been interviewed about her extraordinary skills on Channel 4 entertainment programme The Big Breakfast. DeAna now provides psychic telephone/email readings for her clients who are based all over the world. You can contact DeAna by telephone: 01233 879131 or by posting a message here.

Psychic Ability
Psychics are aware of things not normally perceived through the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell. They are said to have ‘extra sensory perception’ (ESP) or strong ‘intuition’. There are several types of psychic sensing psychics may display: Clairvoyance: the ability to ‘see’ images in one’s mind, these may sometimes be scenes from the future or the past. Some psychics see the colours of auras, the energy patterns surrounding the bodies of living organisms. Clairsentience: The ability to ‘feel’ sensations or emotional energies not perceived by others. Mediumistic ability: The ability to communicate with those who have passed over. Psychometry: The ability to hold an object, normal composed of metal (although not always) and pick up facts and details about the objects owner, or persons whom have come into direct contact with the object. Psychics may also have strong prophetic dreams. Prophesy, precognition, healing abilities, all are often common place among psychic individuals.

Psychic Reading Why have a real psychic reading?

A psychic reading can help you get the best out of your life. It can help you to navigate through the difficulties of life, empower you by helping you realize the opportunities you may be overlooking, provide vital information that can enable you to be on a better footing in any partnership, be that business or romantic. DeAna’s psychic readings are unhurried and untimed. In that time DeAna will give you a full reading, giving you the benefit of her many years experience and psychic ability.

Psychic Advice
Within this Web Site you will find a wide variety of psychic advice. For example you will find the answers to questions such as: What is my outlook for this year? What do I do if I think I might be psychic? Where can I find a definition of a psychic term? Where can I find a psychic glossary? How do I protect myself from cons and bad psychics?

Celebrity Psychic

DeAna has performed psychic readings on celebrity couples: David and Victoria Beckham, Les Dennis and Amanda Holden, Maddona and Guy Richie. Further to this DeAna has made psychic predictions for Germaine Greer, Stephanie Beecham, Henry Cooper, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Johnny Depp and many others.

Within this website you can look up the latest news on DeAna. You can view pictures from Mystic Challenge and other media and TV appearances and tests. You can read letters and testimonials from satisfied clients who come back time and time again to benefit from DeAna’s psychic advice.

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