Psychic Glossary


Psychic Glossary


A full but by no means comprehensive psychic glossary of terms.
Absent Healing

Healing that takes place when the healer is not in direct contact with the person to be healed, they may be a few or many thousands of miles away but use energy to bring about a healing state. The healer is thought to tap into that healing energy and direct it to the recipient to allow the body to utilize the energy and heal itself. Many believe that there is a vast pool of such healing universal energy that can be tapped into by anyone and used for healing any living thing.

Akashic Records

A record of carefully recorded Memories of all and everyone’s, good and bad deeds and events and experiences collated since the beginning of time, believed by some mystical doctrines to be stored permanently in a spiritual substance (Akasha) A bit like a Library of everything! Some believe these records can be read and accessed by psychic individuals.

Altered State of Consciousness

A term used to refer to any state of consciousness that is different from ‘normal’ states of waking or sleeping. ASCs include hypnosis, trance, and meditative experience. This state does not necessarily have paranormal connotations however, many psychics, psychometrist and mediums have been shown to reach this state as they perform psychic services for others.

Angels and Guardian Angels

Benevolent spiritual beings that help people in need. Many cultures firmly believe in Angels and Guardian Angles. They are thought to be spirits whom have chosen never to incarnate (be born in to the world and experience it) But have devoted themselves to helping those of us who have. Apparition A visual appearance (hallucination, in some cases), often of a person or scene, generally experienced in a waking or hypnagogic lucid state. It is difficult to put all of the reports down to Hallucinations, particularly when many people are present and all ‘see’ the same thing!

Astral Body or the Ka also thought of as the soul

A term used by occultists, spiritualists and many cultures to refer to an etheric copy or “double” of the person’s physical body. The astral body is believed to be separable (detachable) from the physical body during astral projection (out of body experience) and at the time of death. As far back and beyond such cultures as the Ancient Egyptian believed in the double or astral body.

Astral Plane

In this Solar System, it is believed that there are five major planes of consciousness. The first being the physical plane, or earth plane on which we and any other physical life forms The second is thought to be the astral plane, which is a plane of existence that bears a striking resemblance to the earth plane. Almost in the same way that we are thought to have a soul, this can be thought off as the earth’s soul or astral. The lower levels of the astral plane (sometimes referred to as the etheric plane) are where we may find ghosts, lost spirits, and the souls of those who died suddenly or violently and are earth bound as they don’t realise that they have passed over and have not moved on to the next plane. According to some the spirits of those whose bodies are being kept alive by artificial means are also to be found here. The higher astral planes are where the more evolved souls rest and re-gather their resources, and reflect in order to prepare for their next incarnation. The planes beyond the astral are the mental (Or heaven), the Buddhic, and the plane of full solar consciousness.


A field of energy known and even viewable now thanks to Kirlean Photography surrounding all living creatures. Some clairvoyants and psychics claim to be able to see the aura (generally as a luminous, colored halo). It is also thought that health, disease, and emotional states may be determined from the various colors. Psychics who can view the aura are proported to be responsible for such well known sayings as “Green with envy”, “Red with rage” etc. Channeling Receiving messages and inspiration from discarnate entities, either the psychics own guide or perhaps from loved ones of the person seeking the reading, information and communication.

Cellular Memory

A theory proposing that human body cells, as well as the brain, contain keys to our personalities, tastes and histories. This means that at the physical level of a single cell, the body records all our life experiences, and thus lays the groundwork for the future. Illness, blindness and other physical problems as well as psychological conditions may result, but that isn’t all that can happen. Cellular memory affects just about everything we might do in life, often in a very dysfunctional way. Therapists use Cellular Memory Release (CMR), a specialized form of kinesiology, to access the healing energy contained in all of us and thus start the healing process that will set everything right. Scientist have noted that in cases of neglected children, whom did nor receive love and care but still physically survived their ordeals, had missing and dead parts in their brains. As the cells had quite literally decided to die off. Sadly the brain cells often most affected are to be found in the parts of the brain that affect communication and empathy. One can only suppose that their cells decided that those parts of the brains were not needed sadly. This cellular memory however, may also explain why “Psychic” ability appears to run in families.


One of the eight energy centers placed at various points along the spine of any living vertebrate. In human, the root chakra is posited at the base of the spine, and is related to the survival instinct and body consciousness. The sacral chakra is located in the groin area, and is associated with creativity, emotions and sexuality as well as for gratification and pleasures. The power chakra is located at the solar plexus, and is associated with our own personal power, ego and will. The heart chakra is located, obviously in the heart area and is associated with love, compassion, and self-acceptance. The throat chakra is located at the throat, and rules communication, speech, and creativity. The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows and is associated with sight of all kinds, including both physical and psychic visions. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with knowledge, wisdom, and higher awareness. The eighth chakra, is located at the base of the skull, where the skull connects with the spinal cord. This is thought to be the most powerful chakra of all, associated with the final ascendant of the entity to God consciousness, heaven, or enlightenment depending on your cultural beliefs.


When mediums see and or receive communication from spirit or Guides in a paranormal manner. CLAIRAUDIENCE When mediums hear the voices and acquire information direct from spirit CLAIRSENTIENCE When a medium may sense the presence and the thoughts of the spirit and perhaps an intermediate smoothes communication also, such as the psychics own guide.

Clairvoyance generally is often used as a general term encompassing phenomena such as telepathy, second sight, prophetic visions, and dreams. Crisis Apparition An apparition in which a person is seen within a few hours of an important crisis such as death, accident or sudden illness. This is widely reported by many confirmed skeptics to have happened to them!

Deja Vu

A person’s feeling that current events have been experienced before. Thought by some to be a temporary “Blip” with the brain. Many, many people do not accept this explanation!

Empathy or Empathic

The ability to understand the experience or emotional state of another person or animal. Often used to refer to an apparently psychic ability to experience another person’s sensations, pain or emotions. Empathic. The ability to feel what another feels (near) and to then manifest those feelings in one’s body, mind, and/or spirit.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Paranormal acquisition of information. Includes clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition. A general term used to describe most skills of a psychic nature Guide A spirit who is believed to assist a person’s spiritual journey, differing often from angels and guardian angel There “Job” may be to a person in psychic communication. Some are thought to be life long assistants however, many psychics report that their “Guide” can sometimes be replaced by a new guide. Not to be confused with schizophrenia!


Hindu and Buddhist ethical doctrine of “as one sows, so shall one reap”. Hence the saying “Do as you would be done by” There is a belief that all deeds good and or bad will be answered for and debts repaid for any misdemeanors in this lifetime or the next.

Kirlian Photography

A photographic method involving high frequency electric current, discovered by S.D. & V. Kirlian in the Soviet Union. Kirlian photographs often show colored halos or “auras” surrounding objects. Many ancients texts, cave drawings and carvings are often depicted showing this energy field around living things. Perhaps at one time in out past, many more people were able to view them?


In Yogic belief, a source of tremendous vital energy that may be stimulated by various practices. Kundalini, or the “Serpent Power”, is believed to provide energy for paranormal phenomena.


A person believed to act as an intermediary between discarnate entities and the living. See also clairvoyant medium, trance medium, mental mediumship, physical mediumship.

Mystic or Seer

A person who has mystical experiences. Archaic term that is used to loosely refer to psychics, mediums or romantics. Paranormal Beside or beyond the normal. Inexplicable in terms of our ordinary accepted understanding or current scientific knowledge or understanding, including prophetic dreams, psychic ability, mediumship and healing. Past-Life Regression A technique of hypnosis involving regressing people to supposed previous lives. One must question the wisdom of this practice, as if we were meant to remember everything-we perhaps would!


The paranormal awareness of future events.

Prophecy and Prophet

Archaic term that means-A prediction, usually resulting from a sense of spiritual revelation. The ability to receive prophetic revelations or have knowledge or future events.


A person who exhibits psi ability. Skills such as Psychometry. The ability to touch or hold an object, stand in a specific place, and/or touch the body of a person and sense the energy encircling that person, place or thing. Energies can be light or heavy, joyful or foreboding, tough or gentle, peaceful or angry, good or evil, and are judged by the emotional impact on the clairsentient. A clairsentient or clairsentient medium is an empathic person who is able to experience and translate all kinds of energies. When picking up on negative emotions, a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like sheer joy, or feeling safe and secure. The messages are usually more complicated than that alone, and can be of great assistance when one must make significant decisions in life. You can also think of these skills as your gut instinct if you prefer!


It is thought possible that memories of the past can be embedded into objects or locations and many psychics have shown that information from objects is possible to glean. Metal objects are is extremely useful to psychics for this purpose, as they seem to hold the most “Charge” and memories.

Raudive Voices

Intelligible (without filtering) voices recorded on magnetic tape under conditions of silence or white noise which are heard only when the tape is played. Extremely clear voices can be recorded and played back a phenomena still to be explained by scientist, as to whom, and what causes these voice recordings. A phenomenon discovered by Konstantin Raudive.


The belief that certain aspects of a person’s being (e.g. consciousness, personality, or soul) survives death and can be reborn in a new body at some future date. Reincarnation is often seen as a repeating cycle of death and rebirth in which future lives are influenced by past and present actions through the law of karma.

Remote Viewing

An ESP procedure in which a trained remote viewer attempts to become aware psychically of the experience of an agent, terrain object sited at a distant unknown target location. Remote viewing is a psychic or clairvoyant skill. It is known that the CIA have used trained remote viewers to good effect. Remote viewing skills can be taught easily to psychic and improved through practice.

Second Sight Another name for clairvoyance.

Sixth Sense

A generic term for ESP or intuition.


Telekinetic Paranormal movement of objects with the use of energy rather than physical touch.


Telepathic Paranormal awareness of another person’s experience thoughts and feelings. In practice it is difficult to distinguish between telepathy and clairvoyance. Many twins however, who normally do not display psychic ability, have shown very clearly that they do share an extraordinary form of telepathy with their twin. It can be viewed as communicating without apparent physical signals.

If you have any additions that you would like to see included in our psychic glossary, please get in touch.