Corporate Psychic

Corporate Psychic

A New Era for Business

What is a ‘Corporate Psychic‘ and what do they do? DeAna D’monte, a top media Corporate Psychic, is best known for her work with celebrities such as Germaine Greer, Atomic Kitten and Zoe Ball.

She regularly appears in the media proving her accuracy as a top Psychic/Clairvoyant to the public and celebrities alike.

What most people are not aware of is her corporate psychic work. She has worked as a consultant for many and varied successful companies by predicting business trends, advice at important meetings, using handwriting analysis on application forms to help find the right person for a position, and decreasing sick days incurred; through her advice on office environments, as well as many other areas. She has been used by some of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs including emerging businesses.

DeAna says, ” I was originally approached by someone to do this type of work many years ago. Applying psychic ability to a business situation seems to work very well. My clients have found it to give them a unique advantage and financially successful formula. All

corporate psychic

work undertaken is strictly confidential”.

Extract from H & R Business Magazine

The Corporate Psychic

“The people you deal with or employ can make or break a business or project, my clients have found it very helpful to employ the use of a psychic. I have even been drafted in by a top well known FTSE100 company. I doubt many people would know that a household name will employ the use of a corporate psychic but maybe, by being open minded and willing to try new methods to improve and increase business, is what makes them a corporate giant”?