Ipod Psychic Podcast

Psychic Podcast

Here is our Psychic Podcast Feed

Did you know that, our site text content is embedded into the audio file and can be viewed through the lyrics option of your iPod and on some other mp3 players? Click above to listen to our psychic podcast.

iPod models and other MP3 players have a lyrics feature which can allows to display the lyrics of a song while listening to it. You can make use of this some what secret attribute to display the textual content and updates from this site in the form of a psychic podcast. You will find this feature pretty useful if you  want to quickly browse through an article before deciding if they want to read it, or you can hit play to simply listen to it, or use your device as a handy portable RSS reader. The following describes the process to visualize the lyrics on an iPod after it has been synchronized for use with iTunes. This works on fourth and fifth generation iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano

How to Add & View Us On Your ipod.


On your ipod, select the Podcast option from the menu after you have added our podcast feed : Psychic Podcast

Pick our Psychic Podcast and push the play button.

Now push the center select button while the article is playing, this will display the scrubber screen.

Well done! The post content is now displayed. You can now select to listen, read or both! You can use the click wheel to scroll up and down within the article. Your ipod has now been transformed into a handy RSS/Podcast reader and viewer and you can read or listen to all the articles on Future Forcast when your on the move via podcasts!