Our Psychic Guarantee

Psychic Guarantee

All fees are clearly stated prior to consultation, with no hidden extras, or charges whatsoever.

We will act responsibly at all times and no one with DeAna Clairvoyants will ever be rude or abusive to a client.

We keep your confidentiality at all times. Guarantee

We will, if we feel it’s the right thing to do, that we should be able to direct clients to recognised organisations should we feel that a client needs professional help.

We will not work with persons under the age of 18 years. This is crucial under our the terms of our psychic guarantee.

We will always uphold the highest professional standards at all times as stated in our

psychic guarantee


We will not work with anyone we feel is intoxicated, not of sound mind or that we feel is under the influence of recreational drugs.

We will endeavour by newsletters and in person if you call, to make you aware of the Clairvoyants/Psychic art in which we practice and are experienced in and about our psychic guarantee.

Your personal and private details will never be shared with any other third party unless we are obliged to supply such details to comply with and by order of  UK  law.

Any complaints that should arise or problems that you may feel that you have with us/or/our service (s) will always be investigated and taken seriously by DeAna in person.

This concludes everything covered by our

Psychic Guarantee