Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing

If you are unwell, in the first instance it is imperative that you consult a qualified M.D!

What is psychic healing?
Psychic healing also knows as spiritual healing is believed to involve the use of one’s energy, positive ‘energy’ or ‘love energy’ to heal someone. The healing of one person by another, when this is brought about by purely mental means, e.g, without the use of any known physical intervention or medication. Some believe it is is a method whereby a person assists another by realigning “subtle energy centers” through the integration of “subtle” and physical forms of channeled energy. This is thought to bring about the situation favorably so as to trigger the bodies own innate ‘self healing process. hamsa-healing-hand

Does It Work?
Many people truly believe that psychic healing works, many more are convinced that they have greatly benefited from ‘psychic healing’ being sent to them. There is of course a lot of dispute surrounding it’s validity although serious medical testing is being carried out. You can read more Science Proves Psychic Healing and draw your own conclusions.

How Does It Work?
That too is a hot matter for debate in many circles, however many peoples attitude is who cares, as long as it works. A trigger for self-healing, or a genuinely paranormal process actually bought about by the healer’s intentions, thoughts, and energy? If I get better quite frankly- I don’t care! Although science has in recent times began to delve into the mechanical side of psychic healing, there is no one proven agreed and accepted response to this question at this time. It can be very difficult to distinguish psychic healing from self-healing in laboratory conditions.

Free Psychic Healing
While no guarantees or claims are made, DeAna has assembled a group of healer who have agreed to give their time to those who require it at 10 am and 10pm 7 nights a week to offer psychic healing at the persons request. These healers have agreed to direct healing energy at a persons request at these times daily.

How Can I Get Psychic Healing?
There is no charge for this service, and it does not make any difference where you reside. All you need to is post the details of your request privately (First name, and condition if known or symptoms) on our Help Desk, you or your loved one will be included at these times for receiving psychic healing energy.

What Do I need to Do?
Your responsibility is to ensure that you consult a qualified MD when you feel unwell.
To take good care of your body, ensuring good nutrition, rest and relaxation.
Additionally, if you can, at 10am and 10pm daily for 10 minutes, it can be helpful if you rest and relax to potentially facilitate receiving the maximum benefit that the sending of psychic healing may afford you. This is not compulsory, but is thought to aid your uptake of healing energy.

When I feel Better- What Then?
Once you start to feel better, it is important that you return to a qualified M.D. so that you can be re-diagnosed as being better or cured or even have medication adjusted as/when/if needed.

Be Advised
Psychic Healing is in no way a substitute for medical advice, care or treatment, a Psychic Healer is not a substitute for the later, and psychic healers do not practice medicine, only a licensed Medical Doctor can legally practice medicine. No specific results are implied or guaranteed.