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Aura Reading

Aura Reading

Some people have a natural talent for divination or sensing things, using natural objects.

Whether it’s;    aura-image
Tea leaves
Or, animal behaviour
Although these skills can off course be taught, or learned in part through observation, many skilled people seem to have been just ‘Born’ knowing how to do aura reading and can provide freely, psychic info they derive in this way.

Telepathy, is mind to mind communication.
You ...

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Aura Disappeared-Tommy Cooper

When the much loved performer, comedian and magician Tommy Cooper died, live on national television, up to half an hour before this happened the switchboard at the TV station was jammed. It was choker block with calls from distressed Psychics ringing to say that they were concerned for Mr Cooper as his Auratommy-cooper (OR ENERGY FIELD) had disappeared!
Those in the Psychic field know that this happens, just before some one ...

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