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Psychics In Modern Times

None believers may find it amazing that in this day and age where technology is becoming more and more advanced and scientific facts seem to explain more mysteries of the world with each passing day, that there is still an interest and demand for psychic readings, predictions and other forms of  what is deemed as the ‘paranormal’.

Psychics, and reported prophesies date back, and  are recorded in our history spanning thousands of years. Throughout time people have been reported to possess a certain gift ...

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Psychic TV – The Truth

Psychic TV

Are UK Psychic TV Shows For Real?

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered if the psychic and paranormal activity is real,
camera tricks or just a hoax for entertainment value only? (I’m not talking about the tacky live phone in channels that have sprung up)

Many of us have. While obvious drama’s are just that, some shows claim to be streaming ‘real genuine paranormal ability’. How do we know if psychic TV is true?

Of course I cannot say ...

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