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Psychic Mediums

Psychic Medium

readings can take a reading to a whole new dimension to help them divine a person’s future. A psychic medium will use Spirit Guides to bring forward other spirits to the Mediums attention or carry messages between a Medium and those that have passed over so the reading is not strictly just about your readers psychic ability.
psychic medium prophecies is where a psychic medium through using their guides is giving you messages about the future ...

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Mediumship Walk In’s

Knock before entering please!! ‘A word about trance mediumship

I had often wondered about the tales I had heard, of ‘Walk ins’, or trance Mediumship. Was it real? Did it occur? Or did it belong in the pages of Victorian ‘ Tales of the Unexpected’, style stories? I was about to find out!A phone call I received, to book an appointment to consult myself, started the whole thing off!

The woman with ...

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