The Noble M12 GTO and GTO-three – A close observe this sports

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from Classic to Modern

The Noble M12 GTO


The Noble M10 sports activities automobile become delivered in 1999, and produced for just a 12 months while it was changed by way of the Noble M12, a  seater that became provided as each convertible and stuck head coupe versions.

Like the M10, it turned into built with a composite glass fibre frame, however the glass fibre chassis changed into changed with the aid of a metal tubular space frame model.

As a end result, it had a reduce weight of simply 980 kg, the same as the M10, which meant that it turned into not most effective lightweight but had a company construction.

Of particular be aware become the exclusive rear wing which, collectively with a front splitter, extended down force.

It turned into designed to be avenue-criminal for use on each road and tune, and produced proper journey characteristics, which was helped by means of the fact that it changed into not fitted with anti-roll bars.

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